Deadly Bodybuilding Myths You Don’t Know Part 2

This is part 2 of deadly bodybuilding myths you don’t know

Bodybuilding Myth # 4

Low level of representation for the size and high representatives is to cut.

Your muscles do not have much personality – if they grow, reduce or suspend the same.

If you want your muscles to grow and gradually force the muscles to work harder and beat his performance in the past year. If you are satisfied with your current muscle size then this is easy – just keep doing what you do. And for the muscle smaller, this is even easier – not only the train.

You can not choose certain exercises to gain muscle cut “or make a muscle” large “- this theory does not hold. Cut Muscle ‘is a reflection of the two criteria in the body: muscle size and body pure for low levels of fat (in the single digits). So if you want to build big muscles are prepared to implement the basic principle of progressive overload. And if you want to get ‘cut’ and ‘snatched’ prepared to reduce their fat levels body in the single digits.

The next time you hear someone say, “I’m lifting weights to get an intense light,” and their pat on the back and point in the cardio room as a better option. The light weight not build muscle, period. You burn calories and that’s all. It is best to maximize your time to burn calories, running or jumping. And if you see someone with the aim of increasing size and they are addicted to cardio – keeping your hands and lead them to a heavy load.

Bodybuilding Myth # 5

Monday is chest day, legs on Tuesday, Wednesday was the day back …

The separation routine is presented as “gospel”, and rarely on the court or questioning as a way to structure a muscle building routine.

And, of course, the division of a good routine and has many benefits but also the fastest way to over train and burned. Remember that you do not get much stronger in the gym – you get stronger and bigger when you get home, rest, sleep, eat and recover completely.

For SUPERCOMPENSATE of last year, your muscles are not all you need to experience a full recovery. Do not overlook the fact that taxes are running low and the central nervous system, hormonal system and immune system – a system that actually takes much longer than your muscles to recover.

The fact that your muscles say, “Okay, that feels good, let’s train again, which still must make a full recovery before trying to stimulate their muscles once again for more muscle growth.

Consider this practical example. What is the best way to cure the disease? By taking the entire bottle of aspirin at one time? Or take a lower dose at more frequent intervals? I hope you agree with the second solution. So what is the best way to build muscle? Taking a large dose per muscle group per week? Or take a smaller, more frequent doses of the muscle groups?

Bodybuilding Myth # 6

His shock “muscles and keep them ‘guess.”

This must be one of the dumbest and most misleading statements ever made (no hard feelings, because, in theory, you can be sure). Interestingly, people who used to give this advice must be “shocking” or “traps” in their muscles the wrong way because they have no muscle mass in the body to support their claims.

If you think about this myth long enough, you may start laughing. Do you think you really can change the practice and training routine to ‘shock’ your body and get a different reaction from them?

Your muscles do not have eyes off of that reward you with new muscle growth if you ‘confuse’ them. Your muscles to move, and that’s all – push, pull, curl, expand, contract or freedom – that’s all. You can lift the bag of sand or dead weight 400 pounds and measures in the rear is the same – bend your knees and flex the trunk. And where is the shock? Why back muscles say, “Holy Macaroni Batman, raised the bar with the Olympics and not sandbag again. Mr. better in some muscles.

Or maybe you can change the order of your workout while hitting a weak body part twice a week. If you only train arms once a week and then ‘strategically’ throw arms in twice weekly were “confused” and “surprised” growth. Please! The muscles work in the laws of science, laws there is no trick.

Forget trying to surprise, confuse, deceive or keep the muscles guessing. “The only thing that will surprise and confusion are playing with this theory that the body does not know why no change in a month since I began this magic.

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